Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology

: 2016  |  Volume : 20  |  Issue : 4  |  Page : 358-

“Biomaterial engineering:” The backbone for regeneration

Praveen Bhasker Kudva 
 President, Indian Society of Periodontology, Professor and Head, Department of Periodontology and Implantology, Jaipur Dental College, MVG University, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

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Kudva PB. “Biomaterial engineering:” The backbone for regeneration.J Indian Soc Periodontol 2016;20:358-358

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Kudva PB. “Biomaterial engineering:” The backbone for regeneration. J Indian Soc Periodontol [serial online] 2016 [cited 2020 Sep 26 ];20:358-358
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As ISP and the specialty of periodontology and implantology scale new heights, there is an enhanced interest in associated scientific specialties, such as biomaterial engineering.

The science of biomaterial engineering has developed over the years with a sole objective of improving treatment outcomes. The aim of biomimetic approach is regeneration, and to achieve it, the environment has to be duplicated similar to extracellular matrix.

The long-standing debate of repair versus regeneration is currently heavily favored toward regenerations due to advances in tissue engineering.

We as a specialty should encourage research in biomaterials. We should imbibe biomimetics into research. Studying these imitated models and systems to obtain maximum biological efficacy. We need to focus on growth factors, surface designs and surface modifications for implants, and three-dimensional pro-printing.

ISP has always furthered the cause for research with an active scientific schedule all though the calendar year and a journal par excellence. It is always an honor for me and my able team of ISP ex-officios to serve and contribute to the growth of periodontology as a specialty in India.

“In the spirit of science, there is really is no such thing as a “failed experiment.”

Any test that yields valid data is a valid test.”

Adam Savage.

Jai Hind.